The View From 1776

Religious Left: Same Old Social Gospel

The religious left, today’s version of the early 20th century Social Gospel movement, uses false propaganda to combat true evangelical Christianity.

The defining difference between the religious left and true evangelical Christianity is the role assigned to the secular political state.

The Social Gospel movement was, and today’s religious left is, just a disguised version of atheistic, materialistic socialism.  Then as now, its adherents view the political state as the only effective agent for aiding the downtrodden, sick, and aged.  A tangential appeal to Christian doctrine is employed, not to urge individuals to live in true Christian love, caring for others one-on-one, but to raise taxes in order to shift those missions to government.

It is a philosophically materialistic, rather than spiritual, movement.  The aim is, not to bring salvation through the Gospel, but to bring money and material goods through the ever more collectivized political state.

We see it in the religious left’s appeals for higher taxes on the rich.  We see it in their support for a socialistic, one-world-government regulatory power to force compliance with Al Gore’s delusional campaign to curb man-made greenhouse gases.

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