The View From 1776

The Social Gospel Has Found its Savior

The Baby Boomers, who performed a frontal lobotomy on their spiritual life, find the meaning of life in secular environmentalism.

Read Lawrence Auster’s Deification of Gore in View From the Right.

Regrettably, well meaning Christian ministers like Rick Warren are supporting Mr.  Gore’s junk scientism and the power of man over the earth, rather than sticking to faith in the one True God as Creator and Regulator of the cosmos.

In so doing they are verging perilously close to the social gospel, a phenomenon of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  The social gospel reflected the rising popularity of the secular political state and its presumed capacity, when properly structured on the socialistic model, to produce earthly salvation without need for God and the Holy Spirit.

It would be a difficult task to argue that Al Gore is not a progressive-socialist.  He is the perfect icon for Protagoras’s view that man alone is the measure of all things. 

As I wrote in Truth:

Even before the 1917 Russian Revolution, leading universities in the United States had begun a transition from the Christian roots of our nation into atheistic, secular materialism in their teaching of the so-called social sciences.

Nominally-Christian theological seminaries were in the vanguard of the movement toward socialism.