The View From 1776

Education for Sexual Promiscuity

Liberal-progressive educators want your children to become sexually active as early as possible.

Socialists historically have advocated what used to be called free love, today’s sexual promiscuity.  See Hurrah for Sexual Promiscuity!

The reasons are obvious.  Traditional families and individual morality stand in the way of the collectivized political state, whose leaders and bureaucrats must be the sole source of rules for personal conduct (with, of course, the counsel of the New York Times editorial board). 

Families over the eons have taught sexual abstinence to their children, understanding that sexual promiscuity is the antithesis of family solidarity and survival.  Individuals were taught, especially in Western civilization’s Judeo-Christian ethic, to heed their individual consciences.

But such standards are anathema to the liberal-progressive-socialist state.  Good liberal-progressives must give their allegiance to the group, as in mass demonstrations, classroom sit-ins, and other emotional actions that stifle individual thought. 

For that reason, John Dewey’s progressive-education methodologies, propagated by Columbia University Teachers’ College and adopted by the socialistic teachers’ unions, have enthusiastically promoted classroom sex education.

Needless to say, liberal-progressive-socialists vigorously oppose teaching sexual abstinence.  Recent news articles tell us that Federal statistical analysis proves the preferability of explicit sex education that teaches young children how to use condoms and encourages them to experiment with “safe sex.”

The Wall Street Journal edition of December 6, 2007 reports:

U.S. Teen Birth Rate Rises?
ATLANTA—In a reversal, the nation’s teen birth rate rose for the first time in 15 years, surprising government health officials who had no immediate explanation…

Several experts said they have been expecting a jump. They blame the shift on increased federal funding for abstinence-only health-education programs that don’t teach how to use contraception.

Apparently, however, the results depend upon what sort of sex education young students get.  The Washington Times edition of December 20, 2007, tells us:

Sex-ed found to prolong teen virginity

A new study shows that sex education of any kind appears to be good for teens