The View From 1776

Faith Unconquerable by Fact

ScrappleFace’s satirical New Lack of Evidence Boosts Certainty of Darwinism is an accurate reflection of the ever-hopeful, never-provable speculative nature of Darwinian evolution, which is a principal foundation block of the materialistic religion of socialism, known as liberalism in the United States.

No one has ever found evidence of the millions of transitional forms that Darwin predicted, transitional forms that would demonstrate the infinitely gradual transition of one species into another.  Instead, evolutionists look for a few similarities between species and speculate that one “must have” evolved from the other.

Darwin’s Descent of Man stated that humans had evolved from the apes.  For a century and a half, evolutionists have searched for the “missing link,” the transitional form between apes and humans.  No one has ever found a single piece of indisputable evidence for that “link.” 

After World War II, National Geographic Magazine hired the Leakeys to search for the “missing link” in Africa.  The contract called for nice color photographic spreads in the magazine depicting the Leakeys’s “scientific” work.  Needless to say, the Leakeys made sure to discover suitable material for the regular National Geographic articles.  No sensational “discoveries,” no more funding for exploration.

The popular impression, falsely created in popular magazines and in high school and college textbooks, is that the Leakeys and other evolutionists in Africa actually found complete skeletons of “missing links.”  In fact all that has ever been found is tiny pieces of skeletons, many of which anatomists dispute as being related to human beings.  Nonetheless, from each of those tiny pieces of fossilized bone, magazines and textbooks have fabricated fanciful pictures of shambling, ape-like creatures identified as pre-human creatures.

Every lone tooth, or inch-long fragment of a jaw bone, or small fragment of a skull has, for the past century, been triumphantly hailed as the “missing link” between humans and the apes.  Yet, as the latest news reveals, these so-called missing links did not “evolve” from each other.

This brings us back to the sole point of Darwinian evolution, which is to validate the philosophical doctrine of materialism: the belief that the human soul is a fiction, that all events are simply the results of chance fluctuations of conditions in the physical world. 

It is for that reason that Darwin’s contemporary Karl Marx and his followers so enthusiastically embraced Darwinian evolution as a validation of Marxian socialism, which postulates an evolution of social and political structures as a consequence of changes in economic conditions.  It is for the same reason that today’s liberal-Progressive-socialists hysterically attack anyone questioning the speculative Darwinian evolutionary hypothesis.

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