The View From 1776

New Light on Immigration

The big-city liberal party line obscures important aspects of the truth.

Unlike earlier immigrations, today’s flood of immigrants, who have limited education and limited acquaintance with the English language, appears to be driving native born, low-income blacks and Hispanics out of the cities.

Read Steven Malanga’s article in City Journal.

In Do Immigrants Still Nourish Cities? he writes:

“Proponents of our current immigration system often argue that we should preserve or even expand it because immigrants are essential to our cities? health. Foreign-born workers, this argument goes, replace American-born city-dwellers who would rather live in the suburbs, and use their talent and energy to help urban neighborhoods and industries revive and thrive…

“A study by immigration?s leading economist, Harvard?s George Borjas, calculates that immigration has reduced the wages of blacks and lowered the black employment rate in America. Blacks themselves see the link between their employment struggles and immigration. A Pew Research Center poll found that 58 percent of blacks in Chicago believe that illegal immigrants take jobs and housing from U.S. citizens.

“The media in most big cities simply ignore such studies.”

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