The View From 1776

Liberals Ratchet Up the Violence Meter

Christopher Hitchins and Richard Dawkins, in their violent attacks on spiritual religion, sound very much like Adolph Hitler and Joseph Goebbels.

Herr Hitler and his propaganda minister needed a scape goat to explain the collapse of German militarism in World War I and the German Empire’s wallowing into fecklessness under the socialist Weimar Republic.  As the world knows to its sorrow, they found the scape goat.

Messrs. Hitchins and Dawkins see a terribly disordered world that they blame upon religion.  Mr. Hitchins, in god is not Great, repeats every few pages: “Religion poisons everything.”  Mr. Dawkins, in The Blind Watchmaker, wrote:

It is absolutely safe to say that, if you meet someone who claims not to believe in evolution, that person is ignorant, stupid or insane (or wicked, but I?d rather not consider that).

Rather than accepting that the evils they recount are products of inherently sinful human nature, they choose to blame spiritual religion for human nature.  Rather than recognizing that Judeo-Christianity strives to turn human nature toward moral conduct, they blame spiritual religion for failing to do so in all cases.

Why are they so passionately driven to condemn spiritual religion?  They believe that spiritual religion should be expunged from society, seeing it as a threat to the unfettered moral relativism of liberal-socialism.  They see spiritual religion as ignorance that prevents the teaching of philosophical materialism.

What they apparently do not see is that their atheistic materialism is the foundation of totalitarian tyranny, as we saw in the Soviet Union, National Socialist Germany, and all the other socialistic societies that either became dictatorships or withered as did France , Germany, and Great Britain before its rescue by Margaret Thatcher.

Another thing that they ignore is the increasing uncertainty that science itself is encountering in the realms both of nuclear particle physics and of cosmology (the study of the origins, physical processes, and presumed end of the universe).  They ignore the entirely contradictory paradigms of evolutionary scientism and the legitimate physical sciences.

In that regard, see Boson Bozos, in which I noted:

Many scientists believe that they can penetrate the Mind of God and thereby become immensely powerful, or that there is no God.? Christopher Marlowe?s “Tragical History of Doctor Faustus” exemplifies the former in the character of the man who sells his soul to the Devil for power and knowledge.? The French philosophers of the Revolution exemplify the latter.

Among other things, the vast multiplicity of cosmological and nuclear particle theories violates the principle of Ocham?s razor: the simplest explanation in a welter of possibilities is the preferred one.? The simplest answer to what has stumped the best physics, mathematical, and cosmological minds is God.? The universe was designed and created by God, a Being outside of and predating the universe, a Being whose nature is so multi-dimensional as to be utterly beyond the comprehension of human minds.

Darwin?s evolutionary biology depicts the world as an amoral domain governed by material influences that are without design or purpose, a world in which all life forms are the cumulative products of chance.? Cosmologists and physicists, at the same time, take the opposite view, that the origin and ultimate end of the universe is the product of design inherent in mathematics and the laws of physics and chemistry, a universe therefore that had a precise, identifiable beginning and a foreseeable end.

Liberals, priding themselves on their tough-minded rationality, have no trouble in swallowing whole both of these mutually exclusive world views.? It seems to be necessary only to label something scientific for their uncritical acceptance.

Liberals readily accept the intuitively impossible quantum phenomenon of photons, at a distance from each other, responding to impulses on only one of the photons.? But, because their professors told them that religion is ignorance, they are unwilling to consider the truth recounted by eye witnesses to Jesus Christ?s miracles, people who willingly died excruciating deaths to attest to those miracles.

Ironically, mathematical and theoretical abstraction is leading theoreticians in the physical sciences into a realm of impenetrable complexity, ever closer to the religious and philosophical realm in which the Bible is the paramount authority, a realm in which one cannot escape a world of Divine intelligent design.

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