The View From 1776

New York City Madrassas

Today, because we view education as little more than a trade school to help children get better jobs, we forget the fundamental, historical role of education: to pass along to youth the cultural ethos and aspirations of society, without which no society can survive.

An underlying theme for this website is the critical importance of education in the survival of the United States.

Sol Stern’s Radical Equations: Marxist pedagogues are hard at work in New York?s public schools, posted March 19, 2007,  on the City Journal website demonstrates that it goes both ways.  Schools can destroy, as well as preserve, the foundational principles of society.

The use of mathematics instruction by critical studies advocates to radicalize students was covered also in Moral Relativity in Mathematics.

Classroom Totalitarianism noted that this sort of thing is not limited to New York City.

The extreme degree of specialization in college education, a trend originating in the German universities of the late 1800s, facilitates PC education (see Our Fathers’ Education ).  When few teachers have a comprehensive understanding of Western history and the critical role of Judeo-Christianity in forming Western civilization, it becomes easier to slip anti-Constitutional doctrine into the classrooms.  See also Paradigms: What Should Students Learn?

Another reference in that regard is Tocqueville Revisited - Part One.

How Far Have We Fallen? describes what the founders of the New England colonies regarded as the essential, formative role of education.

For additional background on liberal-Progressivism in education, of which critical studies is a subset, read Progressive Era Scholars: The Socialist Paradigm.

Finally, to understand how we got to today’s sad situation, read The Corruption of Public Education: How It Happened.

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