The View From 1776

Wishful Thinking in the Senate

Liberals still offer no realistic plan to deal with Iraq.

I have several times posed the question: “Pull out of Iraq, then what?”  To date, nobody in the liberal cohort has essayed an answer. 

The question is ignored, making it obvious that liberals, Republicans and Democrats alike, in reality are interested only in winning elections and believe that doing so by acceding to uninformed public opinion is the only matter that need concern them.

Columnist Michael Barone analyzes the latest bit of liberal blather, the Senate resolution denouncing President Bush.

Key quotes:

So the upshot of the resolution is that we should keep doing for some undetermined period of time pretty much what we have been doing, though it hasn’t been working, and we should not do the different things that Petraeus thinks have a chance—he’s not guaranteeing success—of working.

What the resolution tells us is that most members of Congress, echoing what they think is the view of most voters, yearn to return to the holiday from history that we thought we were enjoying between the fall of the Berlin Wall and Sept. 11, 2001. And that they have no idea at all of how to get there.

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