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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Another Reader Reaction To Education Reform

Regarding Reform Education If The Constitution Is To Survive, Frank Madarasz emailed the following:

I have been preaching to my friends for sometime about how the progressive/socialists have taken over our educational system.  Johnson formalized the take over as you point out in the article, but the progressives have been at it since the turn of the 19th century.

I have often told my friends about the Frankfurt School, an institute of Jewish Communists, headed by Herbert Marcuse.  They taught that Communism as practiced the Soviet Union was wrong; it should not be done through economic reform but through education and social engineering.  They brought their ideas to topflight American universities when they were forced to leave Germany in the late 1930s.  Here they imbedded themselves in departments of Social Studies, Education and Journalism.  By the 1960s their protégés had infested the university educational system and Johnson’s Elementary and Secondary Education Act opened the gates for them to get into grade and high schools.

And to think I was made to study Eric Fromm in my English class at Alfred.

As your article points out, it will take a “long-term” strategy to reclaim education from the liberal-progressive-socialists.  My question is, just who will do this?  Certainly not the Republican Party.