The View From 1776

Thomas E. Brewton, who maintains this blog, had the great good fortune in the middle 1950s at Louisiana State University to study under two of the 20th century's great minds: Eric Voegelin in political science, and Walter Berns in Constitutional law. These two professors opened the door of education to a glimpse of Western civilization and of American political and social thought as they had been before socialism was unconstitutionally established as the official national religion of the United States in 1933.

That door to understanding has been nailed tightly shut since the late 1960s by the forces of the liberal-socialist jihad. Educators have imposed speech and behavior codes to prevent teaching and discussion of anything other than the catechism of socialism. Generations of young students have been radicalized to hate the United States and to regard its history as a chronicle of imperialistic crimes.

The View from 1776 is intended to be a tool to remove the barriers of socialism and once again pry open the door to understanding.