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Friday, December 17, 2004

A Stick in the Eye of Affirmative Action

Counter-intuitively, more blacks would become competent lawyers without affirmative-action admissions policies in law schools.

Stuart Taylor, in Do Racial Preferences Limit Black Lawyers?, appearing on the National Journal website, reports on a study that will be published shortly.  He writes: “Now comes Richard Sander , a UCLA Law School professor, with the first in-depth statistical study of how preferences actually affect black law students’ academic performance, passage rates for the bar, and job prospects. His stunning and copiously documented conclusion: “Blacks are the victims of law school programs of affirmative action, not the beneficiaries.”

“.....these premises belie the rosy portrayal of affirmative action in the mainstream media and in the June 2003 Supreme Court opinion upholding the University of Michigan Law School’s racial preference program ( Grutter v. Bollinger ):”

Once again we see the gulf between ivory-tower socialistic theory and real life, down where the rubber meets the road.  Just one more crack-up on the road to the Great Society.

It is such hare-brained theories that liberals call “values:” collectivized government dispensing or mandating material benefits without spiritual sustenance.