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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

A Christmas Message from the ACLU

What is the ACLU telling us?

More than ever before, the media have been full of incidents in which anything remotely related to Christmas has been banned.  Schools no longer permit Christmas trees or other decorations, exchanging Christmas cards, or singing Christmas carols.  Macy’s, the famous setting of the 1930s Christmas-related movie “Miracle on 34th Street,” no longer permits any display of merchandise or store decorations related to Christmas.  Even Congress has got into the spirit of the “season” by displaying a “holiday” tree.

The impetus for this is the ACLU’s unremitting jihad against Christianity.  Nominally they are simply attempting to enforce the First Amendment’s prohibition against Congress’s taking any action to establish an official state religion.  In addition, the ostensible aim is to prevent anything that might offend the sensibilities of any individual who is not a Christian; deeply offending Christians, however, is good, clean fun. 

All of this is well reported territory.  So let’s look at what is really being said to us by the ACLU:  “You shall have no morality except the arbitrary rules of social justice established by the secular religion of the socialist state.”

This being understood as the true message of the ACLU, what is the true message that ought to be conveyed by celebration of Christmas?

First, it’s obviously not that Christmas is to be the year’s biggest shopping season.  No one should begrudge merchants this opportunity, but it has little to do with the message of Christmas.

Second, it’s more than just good cheer, though Christians are commanded to be thankful to God for all of life’s blessings.  We are to recognize that it’s not about us, but about what we can do for others.  The great Biblical commandments, for Jews and Christians alike, are, first, to love God with all our hearts, minds, spirit, and strength, and, second, to love our neighbors as ourselves.  In other words, personal morality is at the center of the message of Christmas.

To paraphrase President Kennedy’s inaugural speech, “Ask not what the secular, socialist state owes you; ask not what conduct is prescribed by its intellectual social justice; but look into your own heart and ask what should you, as an individual, do to bring joy and comfort to others who may be hurting, who may be comforted by a bit of human kindness.”

This is the most central of all bedrock principles that form the foundation of Western civilization.  Yet it is the very one that the ACLU, and all other socialist organizations, seek to undermine.

For more detailed background, see
The Pledge Under God, Under Attack: Liberty vs License - Part Three, which explains that the ACLU’s interpretation of the First Amendment is historically inaccurate, that merely mentioning a specific religion and even advocating religious morality are not even close to the meaning of “established” religion, as Europeans and the American colonists had experienced it in the centuries before 1787.  That posting makes four other points: first, that the atheism espoused by the ACLU is part of the religion of socialism; second, that atheistic socialism is amoral, which means that political rulers are bound by no inherent limits on their powers; third, that wherever atheistic socialism has gained political ascendency despotic rule has followed; fourth; that, while it is inaccurate to say that the United States is entirely a Christian nation, it is historically accurate to say that all of its political institutions were founded upon Christian ideas of morality.