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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Catechizing The Religion Of Socialism On The Taxpayers’ Dime

Professor John Dewey was the leading intellectual spokesman in the United States for liberal-progressive-socialism, from the late 1800s through the first half of the 20th century.  I have frequently written about his far-seeing strategy for the conquest of Western civilization by infiltrating the educational system.  See The Corruption of Public Education: How It Happened.

Hitler, with his Hitler Youth program, had the same idea.  Teach a one-sided and distorted set of dogma to impressionable and inexperienced young students and you will have converted many of them for life to the atheistic, materialistic, and statist religion of socialism.

The corrosive effectiveness of Dewey’s strategy became undeniable in the 1960s and 1970s with the radical student activists.  Today they would hardly be noticed.  All of their doctrine now dominates classrooms, from kindergarten to graduate schools. 

Since 1965, education at all levels has received substantial financial support from the Federal government.  The price for that support is control of curricula by liberal-progressive-socialist educators.

First Amendment guarantees for freedom of religion are simply ignored.  Taxpayers are compelled to finance proselytizing for an anti-Constitutional religion.

Read this opinion piece from the Wall Street Journal’s website:

Friday, March 30, 2012

Obamacare Orwellian Newspeak

Commentary’s website has a report on the liberal-progressive defense of Obamacare.

Liberty, in Obama-Big Brother Newspeak, means collectivized government forcing everyone to buy insurance.

Liberal-progressives always have maintained the dogma that there can be no liberty in a society that allows people to keep what they earn or inherit.  Liberty, in their understanding of social justice, requires that collectivized government make everyone equally poor.


In the notorious recent open-microphone exchange with Dmitry Medvedev, Obama’s apparent assurance to Russia’s Putin that he proposes to continue dismantling our national defense capabilities can be interpreted in several ways, none of them good for the future of the United States.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Liberal-Progressive Dreams of Delight

With apologies to Clement Moore, Twas the months before Obama’s reelection.  Liberal-progressives were nestled all snug in their beds, while Soviet sugar plums danced in their heads.

Read Cal Thomas’s discussion of Dick Morris’s assessment of changes that Obama hopes to impose in his second term.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pravda Endorses Fellow Socialist

Read The Weekly Standard’s report.


...Pravda praises present Russian relations with the United States under President Obama. “Exactly at a time when Russia and the USA are finding that they have far more in common than differences, exactly when they see that they are much more friends than foes, when they see that there is so much to be gained through collaboration, a foul-mouthed, big-headed oaf like Romney with more money than sense makes a comment that reveals who he really is to the world: a pea-brained, pith-headed simpleton with too much testosterone and too little common sense, with zero tact, no diplomacy and a paramount grasp on the intricacies of world politics. A prize, good-for-nothing ignoramus

Posted by Thomas E. Brewton on 03/28 at 08:36 PM
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Fed’s Balance Sheet Bulge

Forbes Magazine blog provides the specifics.

Posted by Thomas E. Brewton on 03/26 at 07:58 PM
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Case Study: Misbegotten Federal Intervention

The Fed’s near-zero short-term interest rate policy distorts the market, with many ill effects and none of its proclaimed benefits.

Posted by Thomas E. Brewton on 03/26 at 05:04 PM
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

ObamaCare: Costs, Constitutionality And Contraception

Charles Krauthammer on the arrival of the Leviathan political state in which the law is whatever the sovereign decrees, and there are no inalienable political or economic liberties.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Politburo Commissar Bernanke Gives The Pravda Version

Seeking to corrupt the minds of inexperienced students and others in the audience at George Washington University, Federal Reserve Commissar Ben Bernanke gave the official Keynesian-socialist version of the benefits of inflationary wrecking of people’s lifetime savings and standards of living.

Nowhere does he acknowledge that every major economic bubble-bursting since establishment of the Fed in 1913 has been funded by the Fed’s over-expansion of the money supply.  Our housing bubble and accumulation of crushing consumer debt was fostered and amplified by the Fed’s creation of fiat money.

The gold standard didn’t work, Commissar Bernanke opined, because it interfered with the Fed’s ability to play god with the economy.  It is apparently unimportant to him that the value of the dollar and prices remained stable under a gold standard, the economy boomed, and people’s living conditions improved rapidly. 

If one is a liberal-progressive-socialist, this sort of thing is intolerable.  It stands in the way of reducing Americans to complete dependence upon our socialized government.

Read this New York Sun editorial for sunlight on the dark recesses of Commissar Bernanke’s speech promoting subscriptions to Pravda.

Posted by Thomas E. Brewton on 03/23 at 11:27 PM
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Misrepresentation Of Economic History

New York Times liberal-progressive propagandist Paul Krugman either distorts British economic history, or is ignorant of it.

Read Krugman and British Austerity.

Posted by Thomas E. Brewton on 03/23 at 12:14 AM
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