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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

U.S. Foreign Policy: Liberalism Leads into the Wasteland

Larry Auster at View From the Right makes two excellent points regarding Kerry’s liberal foreign policy theories.

Bush criticizes Kerry?on the wrong point

So, the Bush campaign is now attacking Kerry on his ?global test? remark . How utterly typical of the Republicans.  They let Kerry get away with Chamberlain-like appeasement of our enemies, while they excoriate him for a statement that was not, I would argue, objectionable.  Other than his choice of words, ?global test? (which is damaging because it shows Kerry?s underlying orientation toward global governance), the substance of Kerry?s point was entirely reasonable. All he said was that if the U.S. is going to engage in a pre-emptive strike on some country, the president needs to present to the world the evidence that justifies such a strike, as President Kennedy did in the Cuban missile crisis?and, in fact, as President Bush himself did before launching the invasion of Iraq.
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The French condition for attending Kerry?s ?summit?

Among the arguments Bush could have used against Kerry, if he only had a brain, is that the international summit which is the lynchpin of Kerry?s proposed Iraq policy would include terrorists.  According to Amir Taheri in Opinion Journal , French Foreign Minister Barnier has said that in order for France to attend any international conference proposed by the U.S., ?elements opposed to the occupation? must be invited.  As Tony Blankley points out, ?elements opposed to the occupation? means the very terrorists who have been mass murdering Iraqis and kidnapping and sawing off the heads of American and other foreign civilians, or at least, people speaking in behalf of those terrorists.  Further, French Prime Minister Raffarin speaks of the Iraqi insurgency as ? la r?sistance .? But if the terrorists are ? la r?sistance ,? then, Blankley says, the United States is Nazi Germany. So Kerry?s big summit, his ultimate solution to Iraq and every other related problem, would include our mass murdering jihadist enemies, along with a nominally Western country, France, which regards those mass murderers as a heroic ?r?sistance? and the U.S. as the equivalent of Nazi Germany. Imagine what such a conference would be like. And imagine if Bush had pointed these things out at the debate.
Posted by Lawrence Auster at 08:52 AM