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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Unbalanced New York Times Still Lurching Left

Are we to suppose that the self-appointed arbiter of “news that’s fit to print” can get away with unfounded assertions?

Power Line‘s Briar Patch Revisited begins:

Yesterday’s news stories about the Democrats’ grilling of Alberto Gonzales generally made him sound chastened and more or less apologetic, promising to oppose torture as Attorney General, as though that were a change in his or the administration’s position.  Today’s editorial comment is, in some quarters, vituperative.  The New York Times called Gonzales “a central figure in the policy decisions that laid the groundwork for the abuse at Abu Ghraib and other American military prisons,” without citing any evidence for that claim.  The Times absurdly characterizes a 2002 memo by the Justice Department as saying that “Mr. Bush could authorize Americans to torture prisoners with impunity and that redefined torture to exclude almost any brutality,” and concludes by calling Gonzales “the public face for inhumane, illegal and clearly un-American policies.”

Likewise, Times columnist Bob Herbert lays it on thick, calling Gonzales “the enabler in chief of the pro-torture lobby”—despicable, even by the Times’ standards—and claiming that the administration has “thumbed its nose at the Geneva convention.”