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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Time to Get Religion?

The New York Times’s Nicholas Kristof unintentionally displays liberals’ amoral pragmatism, the precept that the end justifies the means.

In today’s edition of the New York Times, columnist Nicholas D. Kristof puts nakedly on view the pragmatic philosophy of liberal-socialism.  In Time to Get Religion, Mr. Kristof’s advice to Democrats is to fake whatever they have to fake, so long as it wins elections.

In so doing, he displays the uni-dimensional nature of liberal-socialist thought.  Liberals can think only on the level of secular and mechanical inputs.  In the secular world of liberal intellectuals the only possible way to deal with any problem is to spend public money on a class-oriented state welfare program.

The Christian and Judaic concept of appealing to each individual’s altruistic nature, to each individual’s God-given soul to do the right thing is utterly beyond the comprehension of secular intellectuals.

Mr. Kristof, for example, advises Democrats, “So Democrats need to give a more prominent voice to Middle American, wheat-hugging, gun-shooting, Spanish-speaking, beer-guzzling, Bible-toting centrists…..... I wish that winning were just a matter of presentation. But it’s not. It involves compromising on principles.  Bill Clinton won his credibility in the heartland partly by going home to Little Rock during the 1992 campaign to preside over the execution of a mentally disabled convict named Ricky Ray Rector.  There was a moral ambiguity about Mr. Clinton’s clambering to power over Mr. Rector’s corpse. But unless Democrats compromise, they’ll be proud and true and losers.”

Note that “religion” for liberals is no more than public relations, what Hollywood calls production values, the superficial illusion of something big and important.  In liberals’ “religion” there is no there there.

Mr. Kristof offers four suggestion to Democrats, the first of which is,“Don’t be afraid of religion. Offer government support for faith-based programs to aid the homeless, prisoners and AIDS victims. And argue theology with Republicans: there’s much more biblical ammunition to support liberals than conservatives.”

This is the shopworn concept of so-called Christian Socialism, based on the congruence of avowed aims.  One needs to look no farther than the Soviet Union and National Socialist Germany to observe that, whatever the high-toned announced aims of socialism, the system never delivers them, and the means employed are the most brutal and murderous in the history of humanity.

For more in that regard, see Kerry Bases his Campaign Strategy on Liberal “Values” and More on Liberal Values: Is Liberalism as American as Apple Pie?.