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Thursday, May 13, 2004

The UN:  The Liberals

Being a liberal requires believing in fairy tales.  In their version, however, nobody lives happily ever after.

We are fighting a two-front war as the June 30 Iraqui government hand-over date approaches.  Terrorist counter-attacks in Iraq have intensified.  At the same time, liberals at home have launched an all-out offensive to discredit President Bush?s handling of every aspect of the Iraqui situation.

The 9/11 Investigation Commission has been revealed as effectively an adjunct to the liberals? campaign to elect John Kerry and turn over America?s national defense to the French-led UN.  The Commission has focused publicly on discrediting the Bush administration, while ignoring eight years of anti-terror fecklessness under Bill Clinton (who had more important things to do with Monica Lewinsky).

Liberal-socialists, led by John Kerry, keep singing the same song: the United States must never act on its own to protect our national security; we must always defer to the UN.  Abstractions called ?world opinion? and ?the community of nations? are, they say, more important than defending the Constitution. 

The odd thing about liberals? demand is that the UN doesn?t want the job.  That august body not only refused to enforce its decade of resolutions against Saddam, but turned tail and ran from its limited humanitarian activity in Iraq after terrorist attacks.  Secretary General Kofi Annan just recently announced formally that Iraq is too violent for the UN to send its missions there again.

An important reason for French and Russian opposition in the UN has since become clear in the massive corruption now coming to light in the oil-for- humanitarian aid program administered by the UN.  Preliminary evidence suggests that everyone, from Jacques Chirac, to Vladimir Putin, and Kofi Annan?s son, was raking in millions of dollars of pay-offs from Saddam, who pocketed even more, while shortchanging his own people.

Even so, the administration gave it a college try, spending precious months fruitlessly asking for UN support before start of military operations.  So why are liberals so insistently pushing this corrupted wet noodle, as if it possesses magic power to right all wrongs?

In addition to using any handy stick to cudgel the administration, the answer is that in liberal ideology Darwinian ?evolving? public opinion amounts to an amendment of the Constitution. When liberals control popular opinion, neither original Constitutional principles nor religious morality can stand in the way, as we saw with Roe vs Wade.

To manipulate public opinion, liberals look to the UN and they mobilize mindless mobs in the streets of the world to denounce the War on Terror as an under-the?table payoff to Big Business: American blood for oil.  They say that no American action is legitimate if it?s not supported by ?world opinion.?

Popular opinion, since the French Revolution in 1789, has been the tool of choice for liberals. For the first time in world history, intellectuals? propaganda incited a revolution that destroyed a sovereign state?s government and the established church.

Using a flood of pamphlets and newspaper stories to whip up mob spirit, socialist France?s Revolutionary Tribunal confiscated the church?s assets and condemned more than 70,000 French Christians to the guillotine in the name of Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood.  Historian Andre Maurois described the pathetic scenes:

??[Robespierre] called for heads and ever more heads.  Bishops, monks, atheists, royalists, republicans, the virgins of Verdun and tax collectors - all were thrown to the guillotine.  In the dismal tumbrils, little girls and men of eighty were seen passing by; whole families paid for the flight of one or two ?migr?s.? 

Lenin said that he modeled the 1917 Russian revolution on the propaganda techniques pioneered by our ?allies,? the French.  American liberals are the direct philosophical descendants of those nice people who brought us the Reign of Terror and the Gulags.

Reasonable people, however, have to ask, what will happen if American foreign policy is determined by volatile public opinion?  How will turning Iraq over to the UN make things better?

Karl Marx believed that changing the name on property deeds from individuals to the collectivized government would magically transform human nature.  Liberals appear to believe that, if we put the UN stamp of approval on a military action, the terrorists will stop and say, ?Gee whiz! Now that we know that the UN is on the case, we give up.?  Describing liberals as simple-minded is perhaps too harsh, but the thought does spring to mind.

This is more than a disagreement about foreign policy.  It is a war between the moral principles of spiritual religion and the theories of secular and materialistic socialism. Liberals make no secret that they despise President Bush?s profession of Christian faith and morality.  Exemplars of moral relativism like Teddy Kennedy, ?the hero of Chappaquiddick,? and Bill Clinton are more to their taste.

For all the grand talk about ?world opinion? and ?the community of nations,? what the liberals are fighting for is a world without Christianity and moral principle.