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Thursday, August 09, 2012

The Liberal Jihad: The Hundred Year War Against The Constitution

My new book, The Liberal Jihad: The Hundred Year War Against The Constitution, is available as a Kindle eBook on

If you don’t have a Kindle, an iPad, or any of the other eBook reading devices, you can read the book on your computer by downloading free Kindle reading software from

Readers of The Liberal Jihad: The Hundred Year War Against The Constitution will learn why today’s bitter political, social, and economic divisions are almost impossible to compromise. They will see how those divisions arise from the clash between two mutually-exclusive religions: the spirituality and individual responsibility of the Judeo-Christian ethos that is the foundation of our Constitution, and the secular, materialistic, and atheistic religion of socialism emanating from the 1789 French Revolution.

The Liberal Jihad will pull all the pieces together to give readers a comprehensive understanding of why socialism implicitly leads to political tyranny, why liberal-progressives want laws and regulations that will compel the rest of us to conform to their secular religious ideology, just as the Islamic jihad seeks to impose sharia law on everyone. The Liberal Jihad explains socialism’s manifestations in phony science, in collectivized government dedicated to continually restricting personal freedoms, in economic theories advocating deficit spending and exploding government deb, in manipulated public opinion and judicial activism, and in education dedicated to converting young students to the religion of socialism.