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Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Latest on Judeo-Christian Values From Dennis Prager

You must read Hate Evil: Case for Judeo-Christian Values, Part VII by Dennis Prager.

Mr. Prager illuminates a new aspect of liberal-socialists’ denial that there is moral truth and right or wrong.  Liberals prefer the message of Charles Darwin’s evolution:  there is no sin, only the struggle for survival, so might makes right.

The following quotation is representative of Mr. Prager’s analysis, but by all means read the entire piece.

“As for the West, with notable exceptions, Christians did not tend to regard evil as the greatest sin. Unbelief and sexual sin were greater objects of most Christians’ animosity. Over time, however, many Christians came to lead the battle against evil—from slavery to communism. And today, it is not coincidental that America, the country that most thinks in terms of good and evil, is the country that most affirms Judeo-Christian values.

“In the contemporary Western world, most people who identify with the Left—meaning the majority of people—hate war, corporations, pollution, Christian fundamentalists, economic inequality, tobacco and conservatives. But they rarely hate the greatest evils of their day, if by evil we are talking about the deliberate infliction of cruelty—mass murder, rape, torture, genocide and totalitarianism.

“That is why communism, a way of life built on cruelty, attracted vast numbers of people on the Left and why, from the 1960s, it was unopposed by most others on the Left. Even most people calling themselves liberal, not leftist, hated anti-communism much more than they hated communism.  When President Ronald Reagan called the Soviet Union an “evil empire,” liberals were outraged—just as they were when President George W. Bush called the regimes of North Korea, Iran and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq an “axis of evil.”

“Ask leftists what they believe humanity must fight against, and they will likely respond global warming or some other ecological disaster (and perhaps American use of armed force as well).”