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Sunday, December 19, 2004

The Kyoto Protocol: an Economic Free Rider Problem

In two respects, the Kyoto Protocol is an economic free rider situation: in both respects, the United States is expected to pay the price, while other nations reap the benefits.

The TechCentralStation website has a couple of excellent articles about the prospective demise of the Kyoto Protocol, the international treaty that proposes to reduce emissions of the so-called greenhouse gases, ostensibly to protect the earth from catastrophic overheating. 

The two articles are The Kyoto Protocol is Dead and Buenos Aires: Kyoto’s Waterloo.

The Kyoto Protocol and the related theory of greenhouse-gas global warming are propagandized by a UN research team.  Many of the “scientists” signing the UN’s report leading to the Kyoto Protocol are social scientists who have no credentials at all in climatology and related physical disciplines. 

Their activity is incorrectly called “scientific.”  It is, in fact, socialistic regulatory dogma masquerading as science.  The correct term for such nonsense is scientism.

The New York Times (who else?) repeatedly dissembles that all, or nearly all, of the world’s scientists back the greenhouse-gas theory of global warming.  Yet actual polls show that far fewer than half of qualified scientists subscribe to the theory, with the majority finding it either unproved or flatly wrong.

There is plenty of evidence that our earth’s climate is warming at the present time, but very little evidence to support the theory that this results from greenhouse gas emissions.  There is also abundant evidence to show that similar warming periods, as well as ice ages, have been recurring natural phenomena over the millennia.  The most likely candidate is nature’s periodic increases and decreases in solar flare activity that projects varying levels of energy towards the earth as the sun goes through the normal process of nuclear fusion.

Why then is the Kyoto Protocol such a big deal to liberal-socialists?

First, liberals instinctively view Big Business as enemies of the “the people.”  Hence anything that interferes with business has a head start in their estimation.  And Kyoto qualifies handsomely:  it’s intention is to shut down expansion of economic activity, especially in the United States.  Besides, regulation is what liberals do, and Kyoto is the biggest regulatory game around.

Second, global-warming theory is “scientific,” therefore putatively rational, which means that it’s right down the pipe to where liberals hearts are to be found.  No liberal-socialist can resist a “scientific” theory that opposes business activity.

Why is Kyoto an example of economic free-riding?

First, the practitioners of scientism can make their personal fortunes from peddling this theory.  They gain professional recognition that levers them into higher paying professorships; they become the beneficiaries of huge research grants; and they become highly paid stars of the lecture circuit.  What better way for an aspiring young graduate student to break into the big time?

This, of course, is free riding, because these practitioners of scientism contribute nothing to science.  They instead spread false panic, while raking in crooked profits.

Second, from the standpoint of international socialism, the intent was to give the less-developed nations a free ride at the expense of the United States; redistribute American wealth to the “workers of the world,” and all of that clap-trap of collective solidarity.  In order to attain the projected goals of reduced levels of greenhouse gas emissions, the United States would be compelled to stop economic expansion, even to reduce current levels of business activity.  Less-developed nations, needless to say, are supposed to expand their levels of economic activity to fill the gap.

Crimping the United States is also part of the foreign policy objectives of socialist France and Germany.  China, the world’s largest socialist nation, would be the greatest beneficiary.

Bottom line: the rest of the world envisioned an opportunity for a free ride by eating our lunch, while charging the bill to our account.

Posted by Thomas E. Brewton on 12/19 at 05:34 PM
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