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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Green Thugocracy

Liberals’ green-energy contradictions

As the Democrats become more committed to, and defined by, a green agenda, and as they become dependent on money from high-tech venture capitalists and their lobbyists, it becomes harder to describe them as a party for the little guy — or liberalism as a philosophy of distributive justice.

Liberal-progressivism has never been about truly caring about the little guy.  Liberal-progressives, like Chris Matthews, get a shiver down their legs from controlling abstract social classes of “little guys” and herding them into one of the cattle pens designated by the intellectuals. 

Only liberal-progressive intellectuals have the gall to assert a prerogative to decide what is best for everyone else.  Liberal-progressivism is first, foremost, and entirely about undermining the Constitution’s foundation in individual morality and personal responsibility, replacing that original ethos with Big Brother’s collectivized tyranny.