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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Free Marketplace vs. Secularity and Moral Relativism

Do the public really prefer filthy movies and TV programs, or are liberal-socialist producers just indulging in perverse self-gratification?

In Oscars’ Secular Standard I wrote:

“As if they had no choice, entertainment executives like Miramax?s Harvey Weinstein defend obscenities like Michael Moore?s ?Fahrenheit 911? by saying that they are merely giving audiences what they want. Regrettably, after 35 years of decadence in public education under liberal-socialism, theirs may be a correct assessment.”

Happily, Brent Bozell’s article Wonderful ‘Winn-Dixie’ offers evidence that the box office gross from individual movies based on moral themes are considerably higher than individual raunchy or politically-correct themes. 

“Last year, Hollywood released 28 movies with explicit sexual content, nine movies with very strong homosexual content, 10 movies with very strong politically correct content and 15 movies with very strong humanist, anti-religious worldviews, including “Kinsey.” Baehr reported: “The movies with explicit sex earned less than $6.3 million on average. The movies with a very strong homosexual content earned even less than that, averaging about $1.2 million. The movies with very strong politically correct content averaged only $15.7 million, and the movies with very strong humanist worldviews averaged only $11.5 million.”

?“Baehr found these numbers “are in stark contrast to the average earnings of movies having strong Christian worldviews, with strong biblical conservative values, such as ’ The Passion ,’ ’ Ladder 49 ’ and ’ The Incredibles ,’ which averaged more than $106.8 million!” You can disagree with Baehr’s worldview if you’d like, or quibble about his methodology if you want, but his conclusion still hits the bull’s-eye: “It pays to distribute good, moral Christian movies with positive biblical values.”.....”

Maybe even Mirimax’s Harvey Weinstein, Bill and Hillary Clinton’s favorite movie executive, can be induced to produce some decent movies, along with his usual politically-correct, thinly veiled attacks on Judeo-Christian values.  Adam Smith’s “invisible hand,” individuals seeking only to maximize their individual profits, may yet lead Hollywood back to the family-oriented path it trod so successfully before the 1960s