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Thursday, December 16, 2004

The ACLU’s Jihad Against Decency

Is there any American tradition or moral value safe from ACLU attack?

The Washington Times on December 14, 2004, ran an op-ed article titled Rein in the ACLU.  In it Phil Kent assesses the ACLU’s unrelenting attack on the Boy Scouts.

I’ll repeat what I’ve written many times:  the ACLU was organized at the outset of World War I to support the efforts of anarchists and socialists to sabotage American military preparations.  It has remained steadfast in its aim, ever since, to torpedo all aspects of the Constitution and to impose an oligarchical rule of socialist intellectuals.

Co-founder Roger Baldwin was the originator of the strategy of judicial activism as a way to make an end run around public representatives in the legislative branches of Federal and state governments.  He was quite candid in declaring that the ACLU’s purpose was to create a new definition of constitutional rights for the purpose of gutting the Constitution that was written in 1787.  Charles Darwin’s and John Dewey’s theory of morality as an evolving process was taken up by Baldwin in the concept of the evolving Constitution.  The Constitution is only what a judge says it is, until further notice.  As in Nazi Germany, the judge is expected merely to reflect the propaganda of the National Socialist ministry.

Reining in the ACLU may not be sufficient.  It needs to be destroyed before it destroys our Constitution and converts the United States into a feckless, Godless replica of France, the sewer from which socialism started its flow.