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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Teaching Students to “Think”

Old-fashioned ideas about correct answers and accuracy have no meaning in our Brave New World.

Maggie’s Farm has a truly alarming post.

It’s hardly news that the SATS, along with many other tests, have been dumbed-down.  But what’s described in this posting is ridiculous.  In the same vein, the new-math theories told us that getting the correct answer to a problem wasn’t important; all that counted was seeing that the student had employed some sort of reasoning process.

Is this what the parents in Scarsdale were clamoring for when they denounced the No-Child-Left-Behind testing requirements, protesting that they wanted their children to “learn to think,” not be able to pass tests? 

Grade inflation, of which the Maggies Farm posting is an example, is inherent in the concept of liberal-socialism, which is fundamentally aimed at egalitarianism: equality in every respect, on the presumption that people will be happiest when they are as nearly as possible like their neighbors in possessions, attitudes, and education.  It’s difficult to make people less intelligent or more intelligent than nature made them, so we just move the goal posts forward or back, depending on who is trying to score. 

This latest SAT dumbing-down also calls to mind the idea that there are no differences between men and women.  The mere fact that only women can give birth to a child is of no consequence in the social-justice catechism of liberalism.  Perhaps we can award points to students who can intellectually conceptualize a human being and thereby avoid the messiness of aborting the real thing.

Hence, we get the latest PC mandates for only uni-sex public bathrooms, along with earlier proclamations that women are just as good firefighters as men, even though most women lack the physical strength to save a victim’s life by dragging him out of a burning building and carrying him down a ladder.  Hence also the mandatory mixing of men and women in the military.

Hence also the reduction of individual people to nothing more than Social Security numbers and the push for Canadian-style universal health care that makes every sick person wait months for necessary treatment and regards it as a good thing if nobody gets good medical care, so long as everyone’s care is equally bad.

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Posted by Thomas E. Brewton on 05/10 at 03:08 PM
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