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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Steve Kellmeyer’s Rebuttal

A reply to comments by Kartik Ariyur.

In a recent posting, Kartik Ariyur disagreed with interpretations of Eastern religions offered by Steve Kellmeyer in his article, which appeared in the Intellectual Conservative website, and was referenced here,  under the title “Science of Theology, the Religion of Physics: Part I.”

The following is Mr. Kellmeyer’s reply to Mr. Ariyur: 

Kartik Ariyur may be well versed in what we in the West call Hinduism, but he seems to lack the necessary grounding in science. Take his statement “...the world is not as you perceive through the senses. Reality can only be perceived through the intuition—indeed, this has been the case—we have perceived certain mathematical structures in nature and then deviced the measurements to verify them.”

Scientific tools are merely extensions of the senses. Furthermore, it is emphatically not the case that reality is perceived through intuition. Most of the discoveries in quantum physics have been counter-intuitive, for example.

Further, if Eastern mysticism was so amenable to science, why did it not produce a culture that created science wholesale and retail as the West did? Certainly we see isolated Indian accomplishments in mathematics and a few other fields, accomplishments due primarily to the spark of an individually brilliant mind, but we never see the detailed study of reality that the West accomplished.

India did not lack the intellect for the work, she lacked the outlook. The outlook lacked because Hinduism, as Kartik points out, says precisely what science denies - the world cannot be accurately perceived through the senses. Science insists the world CAN be accurately perceived through the senses and those tools which extend the senses.

Sadly, Kartik’s “rebuttal” merely reinforced my point. When we say “reality exists” we necessarily mean that we can determine its characteristics through our senses. As Kartik affirms, Indian mysticism denies this. Thus, Western physics is an expression of Western Christianity.

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Posted by Thomas E. Brewton on 06/22 at 01:08 AM
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