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A Lament For Freedom Of Belief And Expression That No Longer Exists Politically-correct liberal-progressives strive to revive the Inquisition. Thomas E. Brewton 08/03/15 7 08/17/15
Whether It Works Or Not, The Government Will Make You Swallow It Thomas E. Brewton 07/27/15 3 08/08/15
Spanish Civil War: A Case Study Of Propagandistic Distortion Robert Stapler reviews and assesses the many distortions, mostly by liberal-progressives, of causes, effects, and participants in the 1930s Spanish Civil War. Thomas E. Brewton 07/25/15 2 07/30/15
The Boy Who Cried Wolf Thomas E. Brewton 05/25/15 3 06/03/15
Our Unconstitutional Administrative State Thomas E. Brewton 05/10/15 1 05/10/15
Baltimore And The Great Society Baltimore’s riots, looting, burning, and attacks on police and innocent civilians are not unprecedented.  Nor are liberal-progressive prescriptions for dealing with the phenomenon.  It didn’t work then and it won’t work today. Thomas E. Brewton 05/04/15 4 05/07/15
Ben Bernanke Defends The Indefensible Thomas E. Brewton 04/18/15 3 04/19/15
The Struggle Dividing Our Nation Increasingly frequent presidential executive orders and arbitrary bureaucratic regulations make it abundantly clear that liberal-progressives aim to conquer and to impose their will upon the rest of us, making the Constitution all but meaningless. Thomas E. Brewton 04/10/15 3 04/19/15
The American Mobocracy Thomas E. Brewton 04/06/15 5 04/19/15
Liberal-Progressive Tyranny Thomas E. Brewton 04/03/15 3 04/07/15
Secular Religions Liberal-progressivism and its subset environmentalism are both secular religions. They are, along with Lenin’s and Stalin’s Communism, Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers Party (the Nazis), and Mussolini’s Fascism, merely denominations within the church of socialism. Thomas E. Brewton 03/28/15 14 04/10/15
The Fed’s Latest Bubble Creation The Wall Street Journal reports that the Fed’s continuing policy of artificially depressing interest rates is creating yet another asset bubble, this time in exploration and production (E&P) of petroleum and natural gas. Thomas E. Brewton 03/21/15 5 04/03/15
The Information-Closed Universe of Liberal-Progressivism Thomas E. Brewton 03/10/15 4 03/13/15
The Nature Of Evidence Thomas E. Brewton 02/28/15 3 03/14/15
Restoring The Unwritten Constitution Liberal-progressivism, exemplified in President Obama, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, is aimed at destroying the essence of constitutionalism that gave birth to the United States. Thomas E. Brewton 02/20/15 5 03/02/15
Is The President A Law Unto Himself? Thomas E. Brewton 02/05/15 1 02/07/15
Conflict With Obamacare? Thomas E. Brewton 02/01/15 1 02/07/15
No Limit To Obama’s Power Claims Thomas E. Brewton 01/30/15 1 02/07/15
All Distortion, All The Time Thomas E. Brewton 01/29/15 1 02/07/15
Socialists Perfecting The Human Race Thomas E. Brewton 01/28/15 0
Even Great Britain Admits That “Warmest Year” Is Unconfirmed Thomas E. Brewton 01/27/15 5 02/08/15
What Hath The Fed Wrought? Thomas E. Brewton 01/25/15 3 01/28/15
Main-Stream Media’s Tabloid Sensationalism Thomas E. Brewton 01/22/15 1 01/23/15
United Scoundrels Of The World Thomas E. Brewton 01/20/15 5 01/31/15
Measuring Keynes Robert Stapler assesses the effects of Keynesian economic theories dominating policy making by the Federal Reserve Bank. Thomas E. Brewton 01/19/15 7 02/02/15
More Baloney From The Climate-Sausage Racketeers Thomas E. Brewton 01/18/15 1 01/21/15
Why No Representative In Paris? Thomas E. Brewton 01/14/15 1 01/21/15
Global Warming And Free-Speech Hypocrisy Thomas E. Brewton 01/12/15 2 01/25/15
Liberal-Progressive Lies Promoting Black Thuggery Thomas E. Brewton 12/25/14 0
Caring Liberal-Progressivism And Anti-Semitism Thomas E. Brewton 12/21/14 0
Society’s Rights The lectern used by Senator Dianne Feinstein to announce the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the CIA’s interrogation methods bore a label declaring “human rights first.”  Human rights, however, depend entirely upon preservation of the political power and social culture that proclaims and supports them.  Enhanced interrogation methods after 9/11… Thomas E. Brewton 12/17/14 12 12/31/14
Rioting Mobs Victimized By Black Capitalists Thomas E. Brewton 12/15/14 0
Political Posturing Costs Lives Thomas E. Brewton 12/10/14 4 12/23/14
Union Of Concerned Busybodies Thomas E. Brewton 12/05/14 8 12/20/14
What’s The Real Deal In Ferguson? We are confronted with a fundamental Constitutional issue: protecting the rights of individuals against mindless mobs in the streets. Thomas E. Brewton 12/02/14 5 12/16/14
His True Colors Thomas E. Brewton 12/02/14 5 12/16/14
Liberal-Progressives Attempt To Shred NYC’s Social Fabric Thomas E. Brewton 11/30/14 0
Obama’s Non-Stop Race-Baiting Politics Thomas E. Brewton 11/30/14 1 11/30/14
Your Tax Dollars At Work Thomas E. Brewton 11/28/14 1 11/29/14
Ramifications Of The Ferguson Attitude Thomas E. Brewton 11/27/14 2 11/27/14
Ferguson Again If one listens only to black “leaders” such as Al Sharpton, it’s easy to believe that minorities that feel affronted have a Constitutional right to riot, burn, and loot other people’s property. Thomas E. Brewton 11/27/14 1 11/27/14
Traditional Virtues Perish Under Onslaught Of Deficit Spending And Federal Reserve Loose Money Thomas E. Brewton 11/21/14 0
Quote Of The Day Thomas E. Brewton 11/14/14 0
Keynesian Statistics From one aspect, Keynesian economics is about aggregating many very different kinds of economic data into single indexes.  It is this which animates the Federal Reserve’s monetary policies, Congress’s stimulus spending packages, and New York Times propagandist Paul Krugman’s never-ending calls for increasing governmental deficit spending. Thomas E. Brewton 11/14/14 4 11/23/14
ObamaCare Sausage Like sausage, few people knew everything that was packed into it. Thomas E. Brewton 11/13/14 3 11/21/14
Socialism In Our Time Thomas E. Brewton 11/10/14 4 11/14/14
Bank Of Japan Still On The Wrong Path Thomas E. Brewton 11/03/14 9 11/14/14
Political Morality? Liberal-progressives deny the existence of moral principles, but don’t hesitate to employ moral rhetoric to cudgel those who disagree with them. Thomas E. Brewton 10/31/14 4 11/05/14
Liberal-Progressive Oppression Thomas E. Brewton 10/30/14 0
What Motivates Liberal-Progressivism? Thomas E. Brewton 10/29/14 7 11/01/14
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