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Monday, September 27, 2004

RatherGate: the Legacy of John Dewey

We can’t blame Dan Rather for knowingly broadcasting a story based on fraudulent documents.  He and CBS are victims of society.

Commentators are asking why Dan Rather would run the risk of broadcasting a fraudulent attack on the President. 

The better question is why are we surprised that Mr. Rather is behaving as Americans have been taught in our secular and materialistic public education system since the 1930s.

The liberal “logic” underlying the actions of CBS and Mr. Rather is the following:

(1)  There is no right or wrong, merely the Darwinian struggle for existence.  Instead, according to John Dewey’s pragmatism, any action, by any means, is valid if it produces the result you want.  See Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes’s famous aphorism that there is no such thing as a higher law of truth or morality; truth is simply whatever wins out in the marketplace (or whatever a judge says is the truth).

(2)  A highly desired result is the political destruction of a President who avows personal faith in an ignorant, unscientific religion like Christianity (see Liberals Hate Christianity).

(3)  Moreover, destroying such a President would add impetus to the longer-range, New Deal goal of converting the United States to a fully socialized, secular, and materialistic nation.

(4)  After full socialization, the United States can implement the socialistic definition of freedom, one in which the majority can override the Constitution’s guarantees of the individual rights of private property and banish all discussion of morality and spiritual religion (see Never Mind the Spin Machine; What Was Actually Said?).

It’s highly unlikely that most liberal-socialists fully articulate that logic to rationalize their actions.  But how could we realistically expect them to do so?  According to socialist philosophers like Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud, people don’t behave rationally; they just react.  People’s behavior patterns are conditioned reflexes, governed by the material conditions of our society (which, regrettably, is still vestigially capitalistic). 

Liberals have been telling us for a century that people convicted of crimes are really the victims of society, driven by social conditions to do whatever they do.  As left-winger Emma Goldman said of the liberal-socialist who assassinated President William McKinley in 1901, ?Leon Czolgosz and other men of his type, far from being depraved creatures of low instincts, are in reality supersentive beings unable to bear up under too great social stress.  They are driven to some violent expression even at the sacrifice of their own lives, because they cannot supinely witness the misery and suffering of their fellows.  My heart goes out in deep sympathy, as it goes out to all the victims of oppression and misery, to the martyrs past and future.?

Thus, Jeffrey Dahmer and Dan Rather are innocent victims corrupted by capitalism.

We must move on and get past the CBS slip-up.  After all, had it not been exposed by internet bloggers, Mr. Rather’s “news” would have been valid, measured by the standards of John Dewey’s pragmatism. 

The real message is that liberals must redouble their efforts, permitting no scruple to stand in their way.  Implementing Franklin Roosevelt’s dream of a fully socialized United States is the goal. 

Liberal-socialist doctrine preaches that the very existence of private property is the original sin that corrupted humanity.  Only by adopting Franklin Roosevelt’s New Bill of Rights, giving us Security in the arms of Big Brother, can we hope to have a good democratic society.