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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Putin Shows Obama Who’s the Boss

Read Jonathan Tobin’s analysis on the Commentary website.

With regard to foreign policy, Obama is the most clueless of all presidents since the end of the 19th century. 

He is oblivious to the ramifications of his statements regarding foreign policy.  He makes ill-considered pronouncements without understanding beforehand how they will be interpreted by our friends and our enemies.  Nor does he give even cursory thought to how he intends to back up his pronouncements and how he expects to counter our friends’ and enemies’ reactions to those pronouncements. 

In the chess match of foreign policy, Obama makes moves with no idea of what strategy he is following.  Does he aim to support a regime in power?  To oust a foreign leader from power?  To protect national interests of the United States?  As a self-proclaimed “citizen of the world,” does he even care about our national interests?

It appears also that his pronouncements are designed more to pander to his radical left-wing domestic voter base than to reflect a coherent foreign policy strategy.

An important influence in Obama’s foreign policy bumbling is his liberal-progressive-socialistic faith that the world is evolving toward subordination under the United Nations.  In that vein, his obtaining UN support appears to outweigh defending our long-range national interests.

For an analysis of the confused and self-contradictory nature of Obama’s so-called foreign policy, exemplified in his nationally televised speech this evening, see Josh Boak’s piece in the Fiscal Times.