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Monday, January 31, 2005

Prophesy from the Bottom of Chappaquiddick Bay

Teddy’s still underwater and unreformed.

Power Line’s A word from the president seconds Condolences to Teddy Kennedy.

HINDROCKET adds:  Ted Kennedy issued a statement today, too.  The election was a disaster for Kennedy and his fellow defeatists, so Kennedy says that President Bush “must look beyond the election.”  Yes, the sooner everyone forgets the triumph that today’s election repressents, the better!  The complete text of Kennedy’s statement doesn’t seem to be available online, but this much is quoted in the linked article:
The best way to demonstrate to the Iraqi people that we have no long-term designs on their country is for the administration to withdraw some troops now and to begin to negotiate a phase-down of our long-term military presence.

Actually, most Iraqis are not as dim-witted as Kennedy, and they figured out long ago that we have no “long-term designs on their country.”  Most Iraqis want exactly what President Bush and most Americans want: for our troops to leave as soon as reasonably possibe, but not prematurely so as to compromise security.