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Sunday, July 15, 2012

More Thoughts About Obama’s Industrial Pretensions

Clearly another aim of Obama’s socialistic industrial policies is the possibility they open for strengthening the boa constrictor role of labor unions, which are quintessentially socialistic and by nature supportive of the Democrat/Socialist Party.

To the extent that Obama can use government deficit spending and regulatory control to rejuvenate industrial unions, he strengthens his voter appeal in Rust Belt states of the upper Midwest.  At the same time, he can lever industrial unions into commanding positions in Republican strongholds in the Southeast and Southwest.

The latter will blunt the appeal of Red States’ efficient and lower-cost labor and reduce the incentive for European or Asiatic manufacturers to locate there.  Of course, that will implant the same deadly regulatory and union harnesses there, to the detriment of the entire nation’s economic growth and wellbeing.  In turn, that will work to reduce the vestigial ethos of personal responsibility and to corral the entire nation in the stock pens of socialism.