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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

More on the International Criminal Court

Another reader’s reactions from behind enemy lines, deep in liberal-socialist territory.

In The International Criminal Court: Another Look a reader disagreed with the viewpoints expressed in an earlier posting about the asserted right of the International Criminal Court to try American military personnel and diplomats for alleged war crimes.

Th organization’s name is interestingly ambiguous.  Emphasizing the penultimate word in its name reveals its true nature: it is an unlawful, indeed criminal court.  This brain-child of anti-American European socialists is presuming unilaterally to impose the secular religion of socialism upon the rest of the world, differing from Al Queda only in methodology.  In anybody’s dictionary, that is the definition of aggression. 

Considering the inherent tendency of socialism toward autocracy, if not totalitarianism, the existence itself of the International Criminal Court constitutes a crime against humanity.

A counter-reaction came from my friend Tom Wheeler, who says he generally agrees with that assessment, then writes as follows:


I used to have a radio program on a non-commercial FM station which used to be?a college station?but has been listener-sponsored since about 1991. As you might imagine and as with most college and non-commercial?stations, it pretends to be fair and balanced and open to all points of view, but is in reality almost exclusively and seditiously left-wing.
I was basically apolitical until I started at this station, and it was then that I got a heavy dose of what radical left politics are about. I attended gatherings and parties where people would stand around and talk about how evil America was and how much we were the cause of the world’s problems and giggle about all our stupid, corrupt, warmongering, mostly?Republican leaders. It was frightening! This country has plenty of problems and we’ve made mistakes over the years, but we’ve done more good and contributed more to mankind than any nation in history.
I recall?my first show following?the outbreak of the first Gulf War (I had a once-a-week show). People were energized. Almost gleeful. It was like 1970 all over again! Posters and flyers all over the station announcing peace rallies and marches, peace conferences, etc. Almost every show was an anti-war, America-bashing phone-in show (No Blood for Oil! yada yada).
When I had my show that Friday night, for about an hour I had a PRO-war phone-in show. My basic thrust is that some things and principles are worth fighting for. There were a couple of listeners who agreed with me. A few were on the fence, and a couple who asserted that there is never any valid reason to go to war. That somehow, even in the face of people like Saddam, Hitler and Tojo, we should continue to resolve conflicts through diplomacy no matter what. As you explained so eloquently in your most recent blog, this only invites bolder aggression and gets even more people killed as we’ve seen with almost criminal UN ineptitude in Africa over the past several years.
I won’t argue that it would be a wonderful thing if there were never any wars or conflicts ever again, but that’s not how humans (or other mammals) work. There will ALWAYS be aggressors; someone who takes advantage or seeks dominance over a little guy, and so conflict and war and?death is a regrettable inevitability. It’s been this way for millennia, and only some starry-eyed, fuzzy-haired, liberal social engineer would be goofy enough to think that somehow in the 21st Century (or any other) that we can get beyond conflict and war.
What do you do with someone like Hitler, Saddam or Tojo?when you tell them to get out of Poland,?Kuwait or Manchuria?and they give you the finger? There comes a time when you have to say “Alright, I’m gonna ask you one last time…real nice like.?And if?I see that finger one more time I’m gonna break it off and stuff it down your throat.”