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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

More on God and the Tsunami

What to say to those who deny God?

Lately many of the items on this website have dealt specifically with Christianity, which I firmly believe to be the most fully revealed Will of God. 

But all of these references apply equally to religious Jews (and possibly on a philosophical plane to other spiritual religions, though I can’t claim to know specifics in that regard).  The point is that all of us who believe that there is more to human existence than satisfying material appetites must unite to oppose the secular materialism of liberal-socialism.  All of us who want to preserve the traditions bequeathed us by our founders in 1776 must make common cause, focusing on our shared core values.

We saw increasing evidence this past year that liberal-socialists will stop at nothing to obliterate spiritual faith and to substitute the political state, guided by intellectual planners, as the ultimate source of legitimacy in social affairs and political governance.  Robert Reich, President Clinton’s Secretary of Labor, has written that Christians are a greater threat to the United States than Al Queda terrorism (see Liberals Hate Christianity).

My friend Barton Bennett alerted me to another good article, Why is there Death and Suffering?, which supplements Larry Auster’s dialog on the apparent contradiction between the presence of evil and the existence of a benevolent and all-powerful God (God and the Tsunami).  This website, Answers in Genesis, is a good example of the close affinity of Judaism and Christianity. 

Genesis is, of course, the first book of the Bible and a basic text in Judaism and Christianity.  Appropriately, Charles Darwin wrote that his whole purpose in propounding the hypothesis of evolution was to discredit the"damnable doctrine” of the book of Genesis and Christianity.