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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Mob Rule Under The 17th Amendment

Conrad McEachern sent me a YouTube link to Senator Rand Paul’s speech decrying the failure of the Democrat/Socialist Party’s Senate majority to obey the Senate’s own rules of procedure.  In his speech, Senator Paul notes that a 600-page bill was delivered to the Senators only a couple of hours before Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had scheduled a vote on the bill.  The Senate’s rules require that all bills be posted at least 48 hours before a vote.

In addition, Senator Paul reports that the bill contains important features that impact certain states, whose Senators had no forewarning about their inclusion in the bill.  Under the original Constitution, before the 17th Amendment was ratified, such railroading would have been far less likely, because Senators’ duties included protecting their states’ economic and political interests.  Owing their election to their state legislatures, Senators before the 17th Amendment could not be so easily railroaded by national political parties or national pressure groups.  The 17th Amendment reflected liberal-progressive aims to undercut our original federal republic and make it a French Revolutionary-style collectivized mobocracy.

For background information, see The 17th Amendment Revisited.