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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Meretricious Main-Stream Media

All the socialist propaganda editors deem fit to print.

Much deservedly derogatory reaction in the past few days has confronted Newsweek’s headlong rush to paint the United States unfavorably in an article that cost human lives and damaged the interests of the United States.  All that can be said for Newsweek is that it seems to have learned a PR spin-control lesson from CBS’s Rathergate denial technique.  In an Associated Press article dated May 16, reporter Seth Sutel writes:

“Newsweek magazine, under fire for publishing a story that led to deadly protests in Afghanistan, said Monday it was retracting its report that a military probe had found evidence of desecration of the Quran by U.S. interrogators at Guantanamo Bay.”

May we now look forward to Senator Edward Kennedy’s pontificating that the administration’s incompetence and lack of planning (for the Newsweek article) has mired us in an Afghanistan quagmire?

Newsweek, naturally, is owned by the Washington Post, one of the stalwarts of the religion of socialism and therefore a dedicated supporter of the belief that anything goes, if it furthers the aims of the liberal-socialist welfare state.  The administration’s foreign policy is opposed by socialistic France and Germany, therefore it is bad.  Pushing matters beyond the limits of tolerance, the President has the effrontery to proclaim himself a Christian who rejects the secular materialism of mainstream liberals. 

The timing of Newsweek’s propaganda is interesting.  It follows on the heels of a New York Times’s editorial column by Adam Cohen, dated May 8, 2005, under the title, “Editorial Observer; The Latest Rumbling in the Blogosphere: Questions About Ethics,” subtitled “Should bloggers practice what they preach?”

Ostensibly a call to bloggers to conform to standards of accuracy and truthfulness, the burden of Mr. Cohen’s editorial comment actually is a self-serving depiction of liberal-socialist, so-called main-stream media as paragons of accuracy, fairness, and disinterested public service.

He writes, “The thing about influence is that, as bloggers well know, it is only a matter of time before people start trying to hold you accountable….. Every mainstream news organization has its own sets of ethics rules, but all of them agree broadly on what constitutes ethical journalism.  Information should be verified before it is printed, and people who are involved in a story should be given a chance to air their viewpoints, especially if they are under attack.”

This pious pronouncement comes from the newspaper that recently featured “reporting” by Jayson Blair, a staffer who got his front-page, feature-article status and was permitted to ignore the standards proclaimed by Mr. Cohen only because his ethnicity matched the social-justice catechism of the Times’s editorial board.  Times’s editors repeatedly ignored the fact that Mr. Blair’s stories could not be substantiated and that people he attacked with “quotations” from his “interviews” denied his having interviewed them.

The perfect riposte to Mr. Cohen’s exercise in hypocrisy was posted a month earlier, April 2nd, on Poynter online by Kelly McBride, under this heading:

“Time for Journalists to Hold Their Own Accountable: Why not apply the same level of scrutiny to media companies that journalists have applied to recent scandals in American corporations and the Catholic Church?”

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