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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Man Alone at Yale; God Need Not Apply

William F. Buckley’s 1951 “God and Man at Yale,” it’s now clear, described only a mid-point on the down-sloping sewer main of American education.  Yale’s motto is Lux et Veritas (Light and Truth), but there is no longer any light or truth; just secular materialism.

If you are bewildered by the sewage overflow of anti-Americanism on our college campuses, this is part of the explanation: Yale has made it official that the university is a secular and materialistic trade school for training young socialists. 

An April 30, 2005, Associated Press article by Matt Apuzzo (Yale Severs Tie with Church; Pledges Ecumenical Services) reports:

“Faced with this dwindling congregation and a dramatic drop in student participation, Yale is cutting its 248-year-old Congregational roots to try to re-energize the historic church by making services more welcoming.

“Beginning in May, Battell [Chapel] will offer ecumenical, or non-denominational, Christian services. The decision has upset a number of Battell regulars, who say that after remaining faithful while attendance dropped around them, Yale is turning its back on the them.

“It’s so painful for us as a congregation because it seems so unnecessary,” said Dianne Davis, moderator of the Church of Christ at Yale. “Reaching out to the undergraduates couldn’t have been done with us? The congregation is being blamed for the university’s failure to attract students to this church.”

Let’s be clear about it.  “Ecumenical, or non-denominational, Christian services” is the description for secular (atheistic) humanism.  There is no Christianity involved.

Reinforcing the point, the article continues:

“Founded by Congregational ministers in 1701, Yale was the first school in the country to open a university-run church in 1757. But by the 1880s, visiting ministers of many faiths regularly filled the pulpit.

“The university has, for at least 150 years, viewed the church as not affiliated with a denomination,” said Martha Highsmith, the university’s deputy secretary.”

The university’s official website emphasizes the point by omission.  According to it,

“Yale University was founded in 1701 as the Collegiate School in the home of Abraham Pierson, its first rector, in Killingworth, Connecticut. In 1716 the school moved to New Haven and, with the generous gift by Elihu Yale of nine bales of goods, 417 books, and a portrait and arms of King George I, was renamed Yale College in 1718.”

There is in this official history no mention of the signal fact that Yale was founded by a group of Congregational ministers in 1701 for the purpose of training new Christian ministers and imparting a moral education to others. 

This incomplete and therefore misleading “history” is in the grand Soviet tradition of rewriting history to expunge the inconvenient facts and to inculcate in the young a mythology of socialist doctrine, as described in Milan Kundera’s novels (The Ideals of Education vs. Tyranny).

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Posted by Thomas E. Brewton on 05/01 at 04:49 PM
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