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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Main Stream Media’s Ethical Standards

This is what is known as an oxymoron.

More on Newsweek (the magazine of socialist propaganda owned by the newspaper of socialist propaganda, The Washington Post) and its since retracted article about American soldiers reportedly defiling the Koran, covered recently in Meretricious Main-Stream Media.

Ann Coulter is at the top of her game with a piercing review of Newsweek’s editorial standards and procedures.

Sample line:

“Newsweek seems to have very different responses to the same reporter’s scoops. Who’s deciding which of Isikoff’s stories to run and which to hold? I note that the ones that Matt Drudge runs have turned out to be more accurate—and interesting!—than the ones Newsweek runs. Maybe Newsweek should start running everything past Matt Drudge.”

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