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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Liberals Can’t Acknowledge the Existence of Evil

Secularism requires wind-up robots controlled by their intellectual betters.

Dennis Prager’s The Left Is Worth Nothing sums up liberal reaction to the courage of Iraqui voters:

“About 60 percent of the Iraqi people went to vote despite the fact that every Iraqi voter risked his or her life and the lives of their children, whose throats the Islamic fascists threatened to slit. Yet, the Left continues to label the war for Iraqi democracy “immoral” while praising the tyrant of Cuba.

?Leftists do so for the same reason they admired Ho Chi Minh and Mao Tse-tung and condemned American arms as the greatest threat to world peace during and after the Cold War. The Left “does not know the difference between good and evil.” And that is why it is worth nothing.”

Left-wing inability to acknowledge the existence of evil shouldn’t be a surprise.  Secular socialism is a materialistic religion teaching its believers that there is no such thing as sin, no right or wrong, just the Darwinian struggle for survival.  A basic tenet of liberalism is that there is no fixed human nature, that intellectual regulators, teachers, and judges can make of society whatever they wish, hence the never-to-be-fulfilled expectation of creating heaven on earth.

For liberals, the only really bad thing is permitting individuals to own and exercise full control of private property.  A Castro, therefore, is a good person because his avowed aim is a fully socialized political state.