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Monday, January 24, 2005

Liberal Perception vs Reality

Self-hypnotism, together with a good dose of willful ignorance, are necessary to sustain faith in secular social justice.

In Dennis Prager’s Case for Judeo-Christian Values I wrote:

“Many liberals confidently assert that socialism more exactly embodies Judeo-Christian teachings in the Bible than do Judaism or Christianity.? The source of confusion is in looking only at the professed aims of social justice under socialism.?

“When we examine the completely different source of authority between socialism and Judeo-Christianity, as Mr. Prager does, it is impossible to reconcile the two.? It is equally impossible to do so when we examine the track record of Western civilization?s Judeo-Christian heritage and the carnage of socialism.”

Lawrence Auster’s Terror murders as bumps on the road illustrates the aspect of self-hypnosis and willful ignorance.

Mr. Auster quotes Arthur Koestler, who ultimately saw the truth and rejected socialism.  Koestler, visiting the Soviet Union in the early 1930s, described the necessity to suppress the realities of depredation he witnessed in order to remain faithful to the liberal-socialist vision of a future, perfect political state.