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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Liberal Inhumanity

In the eyes of liberal-socialists,we are just lumps of clay to be molded on their potter’s wheel.  Illegal immigrants are just more units to vote for the social-justice welfare state.

The American liberal sect of world socialism cannot treat people as individuals with free will and moral consciences.  That is why liberal-socialists fight so fiercely to banish spiritual religion, why some liberals have said that Christians are a greater threat to the United States than Al Queda.  That is why liberals become hysterical when anyone asks them to prove the hypothesis of Darwinian evolution, a mainstay in their theory of evolving human nature and human society in which the only standards of conduct are those decreed by intellectuals.

People must be reduced to Social Security numbers and pigeon-holed into social, ethnic, racial, and economic classes, so that intellectual planners and political bureaucrats can manipulate them en masse.  People must be treated as identical, interchangeable parts, or to use another metaphor, like clay on a potter’s wheel to be shaped as intellectuals see fit.  In the secular liberal world, there is no such thing as Divinely created human nature.  Humans are just things that can evolve or be made to evolve by intellectual planners.

Writing about the growing immigration controversy, Thomas Sowell notes:

“Among the intelligentsia, there have long been those who think of themselves as citizens of the world, and who think of national borders as just arbitrary lines drawn on a map.”

Presumption of world-citizenship is inherent in the most fundamental dogma of socialism, first articulated by Jean-Jacques Rousseau in the mid-1700s.  People, he wrote, were all benevolent and lived happily and harmoniously in the State of Nature, before some evil person, in socialism’s version of Original Sin, invented private property.  Humans were, in effect, driven out of their Garden of Eden and into a world of strife caused by the stronger oppressing the weaker and greedily grasping for property.  From this came separate political states, the creation of social classes, and what Karl Marx called “alienation.” 

The flip-side of this coin is the presumption that only socialist intellectuals, uniquely in the many thousands of years of human history, were smart enough to discern the true nature of the human condition.  Thus only they are entitled to direct the affairs of humanity.  The rest of us, not knowing what is best for us, must gratefully accept our lot in the new world order and be prepared to fulfill whatever role may be assigned to us.

Intellectuals have a simplistic prescription to cure all human ills: redistribute property as evenly as possible in order to re-create the State of Nature.  When that is accomplished, according to liberal-socialist theory, everyone will be happy and governed exclusively by benevolence toward his neighbor.  The socialist Paradise will be at hand; we will have found our way back to the original Garden of Eden: no more crime, no more wars, and an overflowing of readily available essential goods and services, in such abundance that every person may freely take whatever he needs. 

There is a problem, however.  For this to work, there must be a new worldwide social and political order.  In plain terms, a socialistic society has an inherent necessity to become a world empire. 

Imposing socialism within one country can be by means of violent revolution or by English Fabian or American New Deal creeping socialism.  On an international scale, it can be accomplished by military conquest, as well as by creation of concepts like “international law” or “the community of nations.”

A benevolent and happy socialistic country would be a sitting duck for the predations of neighboring nations, populated by greedy capitalists.  At least that is what Stalin declared as his rationalization for spreading revolutions all around the globe, aiming to bring the entire world into the Soviet orbit.  In a slightly different way, that was Hitler’s rationalization for expanding the territory commanded by the German National Socialist Third Reich.

As I wrote in Socialism and the Inheritance Tax:

“In 1914, when the First World War broke out in Europe, the Socialist International called on all socialists to give their first allegiance to the brotherhood of the workers of the world and to refuse to work in military production or to serve in military forces of their native lands.? Defending the socialists and anarchists who heeded the call in the United States led to the creation of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).”

Socialism’s impulse toward world-citizenship obviously is the underlying rationale for the United Nations.  It represents both a power-wish by intellectual planners and a simplistic and naive theory of human nature.  (see The UN and our Articles of Confederation)

Today this is also the driving force behind the socialist European Union, in which secular and materialistic France desperately seeks to become the queen bee of an expanding world empire that will be a socialist counter-weight to the United States.  What motivates atheistic Frenchmen and Germans is precisely what motivated Napoleon, Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler.

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