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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Knee-jerk Reaction?

A long list of commentators tell us that President Bush won re-election because red-state red-necks are too uninformed to understand that all intelligent people would vote for Senator Kerry.

A typical version of this is to be found in Mickey Kaus’s posting today in the website.

Mr. Kaus writes:

Like Marlon Perkins, Tim Russert explains President Bush’s appeal in the “so-called red states” to Tom Brokaw and the Bo-Wash corridor:

“They can see him in his jeans and his swagger and his belt buckle, a lot of things a lot of people in—in the Northeast would laugh at. But they identify with it. And, Tom, they will say that their i—their connection with him on the issue of values and as a man of faith was much more important to them than the state of the economy or the war in Iraq .”

1) Not the most condescending thing that has been said about the red states. But pretty condescending! Doesn’t Russert have to get, you know, ratings? Do red state viewers (or Bush voters generally) actually like watching Tim Russert? Hard to believe. 2) Would these mystifying red people actually “say “that their connection with Bush on faith and values is more important than the major issues facing the country? Russert suggests they’re so blinded by faith they’d vote for Bush even if everything was manifestly going to hell. ... Wouldn’t “they” maybe “say” that the economy isn’t in such bad shape—as is, in fact, true—and maybe the war in Iraq isn’t in such irrevocably bad shape either? Haven’t they, in fact, just said that? 11:38 P.M.

Question for Tim Russert:  Do you doubt that the vast majority of feminists would vote for Adolph Hitler if he were the only candidate supporting unlimited abortion?