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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Is Truth Anything You Want It to Be?

If you don’t believe the teachings of Jesus Christ, how can you be a Christian?

The American Daily website has a timely article noting that a very high percentage of mainline Protestant denomination ministers do not believe some of the most basic tenets of Christianity, a problem discussed in Activist Clergy Reinterpret the Bible.

The Protestant Smackdown, by Adam Graham (05/11/05), the State Coordinator of Alan Keyes’ 2000 Presidential campaign, provides some dismaying statistics.

Much has been made of the new Pope Benedict XVI’s emphasis upon bringing the Catholic Church back to doctrinal purity.  America’s Protestant churches could use some of the same medicine.

Too many Americans, because of the moral relativism taught in our schools, don’t understand why Christianity, along with everything else, can’t be a large menu from which they are free to choose only what pleases them.  If we are to be blessed with a Third Great Religious Awakening, people must come to believe that being a Christian is more than joining an informal social club.

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