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Friday, August 27, 2004

Is Morality Outmoded?

The two articles posted today deal with different aspects of the most fundamental danger facing the United States: not the Islamic radicalism of groups like Al Queda, but the unraveling of society itself.

To remain cohesive and vital, political societies must be governed by an unwritten constitution of shared values.  Since the 1960s, liberalism has been adopted by roughly half of the nation’s citizens, either as some form of secular humanism, or as militantly radical movements like Students for a Democratic Society or Weatherman.  They are vehemently opposed to the Judeo-Christian morality upon which the nation was founded.

This has pushed us into a civil war.

Several postings in recent months have dealt with this catastrophe. 

Today’s two postings are

Bill Clinton Conclusively Proves He is the Worst President Ever and

Why Clinton Got a Pass: John Dewey and the Babyboomers.

Other postings dealing with the deterioration of morality and our unwritten constitution include

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