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Thursday, January 27, 2005

If We Can’t Have What We Want, Nobody Gets Anything!

The essence of liberal-socialism on parade.

Thomas Sowell’s Self-indulgence illuminates the self-centeredness of liberals, who appropriately preach the moral relativism (aka hypocrisy) of socialistic social justice.

One part of liberalism’s forked tongue shouts, “Every vote must count! (even of convicts, illegal aliens, and people too ignorant to find their way into voting booths).”  The other simultaneously shouts, “The overwhelming majority of voters may have rejected socialism in the November elections, but to hell with them!”

We see this in liberal-socialist Senators’ refusal to permit the President’s nominees to receive an up-or-down vote of the full Senate.  We see it in liberal-socialist reliance on the judiciary to circumvent popular will expressed in Congress and state legislatures.

What next?  The fabled General Strike of European syndicalists, shutting down every economic and political activity of society to force acceptance of socialists’ demands?