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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

If randomness proves no-God, what does order prove?

Larry Auster has a follow up to a reader’s argument against God.

Larry Auster’s website, VIEW FROM THE RIGHT, has a follow-up posting about the appearance of conflict between a benevolent, all-powerful God and the existence of evil.  The full text appears below, with links following it for the three parts of the earlier exchange with his reader.

“After a hiatus in the discussion with my atheist correspondent about God and disasters (here are parts one ,two , and three ), I sent her this follow-up a few days ago.  Since I haven’t heard back from her, I thought I’d share it here.

“I have this question for you.

“If an earthquake destroying tens of thousands of lives proves that God doesn’t exist, doesn’t the existence of the universe, the galaxies, the sun, our solar system, the earth and moon, the regular movement of the heavenly bodies, the seasons, an atmosphere-bearing planet supporting life, plant and animal species that reproduce themselves after their kind, the human species, the human form, the distinct qualities of man and woman, human consciousness and reason, light, sound, color, the atomic structure of matter, layers of rocks in the earth that can be made into building stones and sculptures, metals that can be made into every kind of good for man, all prove the existence of God?

“In other words, you say that the existence of destructive randomness proves the non-existence of God.

“But then, by your own logic, wouldn’t the existence of beneficent order prove the existence of God?”

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