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Friday, January 28, 2005

Goodbye United Nations?

As they say in the Jewish community, “From your lips to God’s ears!”

The following hopeful posting is on the Slings & Arrows website:

Smash has posted an email that Secretary of State Condolezza Rice sent to State Department employees this morning. One thing in particular stuck out for me:

“In these momentous times, American diplomacy has three great tasks. We will unite the community of democracies in building an international system that is based on our shared values and the rule of law. We will strengthen the community of democracies to fight the threats to our common security and alleviate the hopelessness that feeds terror. And we will spread freedom and democracy throughout the world. That is the mission that President Bush has set for you and me, and the great mission of American diplomacy today.”

Are we talking about a new international organization consisting exclusively of democratic nations? It sure looks like it, and if this is the case, the U.N. could very well be doomed.

Face it, with[out] U.S. support the U.N. cannot stand. They depend largely upon U.S. funds, meet on U.S. soil, its representatives and employees are somehow exempt from paying U.S. parking tickets…the list goes on.

Those who oppose the Bush administration will scream that this is just more evidence of the President’s empire building. They should be comforted, however. According to them, Bush is an imbicile. The task of creating a new international organization committed to freedom through democracy is an enormous task that requires the highest order of diplomacy. And, as they have wasted no breath reminding us, Bush is anything but a diplomat. Someone of the President’s obvious limited intelligence could never get anything like this off the ground…

Could he?