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Monday, January 03, 2005

God and the Tsunami

Is there really a God?

Larry Auster’s website, View From the Right, has an illuminating three-part exchange with a liberal who thinks that the destructive effect of the Asian tsunamis proves that there is no God.

His rebuttals are good reminders for everyone that the apparent contradiction between a benevolent, all-seeing, and all-powerful God and the existence of evil is not so, when viewed from the perspective of God, Who is outside our time framework and our conception of existence.

As he points out, the contradiction exists only when humans attempt to judge people and things from their very circumscribed earthly knowledge and understanding.  This amounts to trying ourselves to become God, as Adam and Eve, in effect, did when eating the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden.  Their sin drove them from the paradise of Eden, into a world of both good and evil.

It is understandable that liberal-socialists would assert that evil events prove that there is no God.  Their atheistic and secular religion of socialism is built upon the assumption that everything is the product of, and can be regulated to perfection by, the minds of socialist intellectuals.

The problem, as Larry Auster notes, is that it is beyond human capacities to see and to comprehend all events and interrelated phenomena simultaneously, within the confines of our earthly sense of time.  We therefore cannot possibly fathom the Will of God and we cannot understand the larger purposes in earthly events.  God operates in a different order of things outside existence as we know it, in which there is no sequence of events; everything past, present, and future is present at once to God.