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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Continuing the Dialog: Part Two

Reader Christopher Sufle adds to the reactions to Adam Smith vs. Robert Reich.

Mr. Sufle writes:

I don?t see a conflict between success/wealth and the compassionate teachings of Christ. The Bible continually admonishes us to ?Be Fruitful and Multiply? or ?Get Wisdom Get Understanding? (paraphrasing). Capitalism is basically what we call ?free-market economics? which an objective Christian doesn?t see that as their ultimate philosophy, but just as an economic understanding of the world.

The common ground is to be sought by a society formed by individuals that are not coerced by the state, that?s why the framers of our Constitution restricted govt. so much and why non-Christians and secularists are safer and more prosperous overall in the U.S. than in other parts of the world. There is your brotherhood, and the primary reason for why Christianity calls for capitalism: treat others as you would be treated. Capitalism is as much tailored for selfishness as free will is. Those that would take humanity into slavery, and those that have in the past, as well as those that would in the future, have always tried to convince their fellow man to surrender their freedom, and their lives to arbitrary will. As if centralising the control of all human action would make us safer from those in their self-imposed prisons of nihilism. A greedy businessman or corrupt Democrat is much preferable, for me, than such persons having powers under a ?government? that rejects capitalism and Christianity. Such people are not under a good influence, and ultimately not even their own will for very long, for if there is no reason upholding and for anything, then there is only slavery to appetites seen and unseen. Those tend to be maddening and hellish. They might seduce an innocent and unprotected soul, and that is what we must crusade against. 

There was this article on a libertarian website, called, ?Good Economics Offends? , the illustration that accompanies it expresses the idea that in any real universe there can exist such a thing as rubbish. Only in a non-existing void can there be the epistemologically traceable ?equality? that is called for and portrayed as objectivity by moral relativists.

In any real world, some people might adhere to the truth while others reject it. Generally speaking, true believers of the 1960s, who happen to be in charge of a lot of America?s important institutions, in terms of leftist political philosophy, tend to fit into the latter group. I am not saying that Christians are immune to having to part with long-held beliefs, indeed, many of us have mistakenly fallen for the sophistry of the Left which does not bring us in harmony with the word of God, our Redeemer. I just believe that if Americans continue to allow them to run Academia into the ground, and from there everything else, that would undo the greatest revolution that the world has seen on the face of the earth, it would undermine the progress of Christendom and therefore the only ultimate match against evil. That would surely condemn very large segments of humanity to more barbarism rather than extend the civilization and the freedom that comes with it that the Left takes for granted and undermines.

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