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Monday, September 30, 2013

Compromise And The Constitution

The 1787 Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia could not have produced our Constitution without a long string of compromises among the sovereign states, some of which had populations that dwarfed others, and all of which had different economic and social interests. 

That is a lesson for today’s acrimonious political maneuvering that seems likely to result in a government shutdown.  But compromise is a two-way affair.

Obama has adamantly, for nearly five years, refused to negotiate in good faith with Republicans.  For him compromise is out of the question.  Instead he has deliberately goaded Republicans for two years, aiming for a government shutdown, which he believes will enable the Democrat/Socialist Party to regain control of the House of Representatives.  Thereafter, with Nancy Pelosi again running the House of Representatives, Obama proposes to ignore any political views other than the secular religious ideology of socialism.

See Jonathan Tobin’s Intransigent Democrats and the Shutdown.

For background on the principle of comprise at the core of the Constitution, see Peter Wehner’s Compromise and the American Constitution.