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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Compassionate Socialism

It’s OK to murder, but the death penalty is going too far.

Connecticut is witnessing a circus performance by the ACLU and other individuals and groups whose secular religion of socialism instructs them that criminals are the innocent victims of a society that permits private ownership of property. 

The scheduled execution of Michael Ross has repeatedly been challenged in court over the past fourteen years, always unsuccessfully.  But, once again, social justice prevails, and a Federal District Court judge has issued an indefinite stay of execution.

Mr. Ross was convicted twice of murder and sentenced to be executed in April, 2000.  What had he done?

Nothing as heinous as being an innocent, but unwanted, young baby in his mother’s womb, a crime that clearly demands immediate execution via abortion.

Nothing more than any citizen oppressed by the crushing social burden of income inequalities might have done.  Between May, 1981, and June, 1984, Mr. Ross had raped and murdered seven young women, murdered an eight woman without raping her, and had twice attacked women who managed to escape.  His conviction was beyond doubt, because he led police to the wooded burial spots of several of his victims who had not previously been found.  Moreover, Ross did not deny the murders, rapes, and attacks.

But the compassion of social justice demands two things: first, criminals must not be punished, for it is society that has victimized them; second, every effort must be made to undermine social traditions, such as marriage and family life, based on moral principle.