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Friday, January 28, 2005

Can Science Survive Scientism?

Galileo had it easy.

Today’s Wall Street Journal article The Branding of a Heretic describes the savage efforts of the high priests of socialism to excommunicate and to disembowel anyone who dares to question the dogma of Darwinian evolution.

Journal reporter David Klinghoffer writes:

“The question of whether Intelligent Design (ID) may be presented to public-school students alongside neo-Darwinian evolution has roiled parents and teachers in various communities lately. Whether ID may be presented to adult scientific professionals is another question altogether but also controversial. It is now roiling the government-supported Smithsonian Institution, where one scientist has had his career all but ruined over it.”

As noted in Continuing the Argument About Darwinian Evolution, the Catholic Church for years permitted Galileo freely to publish his theories that the earth revolves around the sun.  Not until Galileo wrote that his old friend, the new Pope, was a fool did the Church give him the choice of excommunication or ceasing to advocate his theory.

Richard Sternberg, a research associate at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington,  was neither offered Galileo’s opportunity to defend his writings before a Church council, nor given the choice of excommunication or ceasing to advocate his views.  Mr. Sternberg was instead immediately denounced, shunned by his peers, and ostracized from the biological research community. 

What terrible heresy led to his excommunication from scientism?

While serving as managing editor of a nominally independent journal published at the museum, Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington, Mr. Sternberg permitted the publication of an article by Stephen Meyer, who holds a Cambridge University doctorate in the philosophy of biology.  That article set forth the arguments in favor of Intelligent Design, a doctrine opposed to the speculative hypothesis of Darwinian evolution.  Never mind that the article had been peer-reviewed by credentialed biologists before publication. 

No one gave Mr. Sternberg Galileo’s opportunity to defend himself, probably because defenders of Darwinian evolution know that they have no proof whatever of their hypothesis.  They can only sputter, as did (according to the Journal article) Hans Sues, a museum senior scientist, who denounced the article approved for publication by Mr. Sternberg and then sent a widely circulated e-mail calling it “unscientific garbage.”

Scientific method requires scrupulous examination of facts, and a willingness to reconsider existing theories in light of new evidence that appears to contradict it.  Indeed, much of scientific progress since the 16th century has come about in just this fashion.
The scientism practiced by devotees of Darwinian evolution, however, is not science, but simply a secular religious worship masquerading as science.  In Darwinian scientism no free inquiry, no examination of evidence will be permitted.  The gods of secularism have revealed the dogma of social justice, which necessitates moral relativism based on the secular theory of Darwinian evolution, and anyone revealing inconvenient, contradictory facts must be destroyed. 

If scientism permits free examination of the tenets of Darwinian evolution, liberal-socialism can not survive.  As in the movie “The Matrix,” if the plug is pulled on the illusion of secularity, it crumbles into meaningless digits, revealing God’s truth.

If the Darwinian “Matrix” is to be preserved, students must not be given a chance to examine competing ideas.  Otherwise “diversity” and the moral relativism necessary to sustain intellectual diktats regarding social justice would stand nakedly, revealed as the virulent forces of tyranny.


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Posted by Thomas E. Brewton on 01/28 at 11:37 PM
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